5 Viral Songs That DJs Should Know About

It seems like there’s a new viral song every week these days. Not all of them are suitable for club play, though, so DJcity’s Styles Davis and DJ Primetyme put together a list of the hottest viral tracks of the moment, DJcity style.
1. Next – Too Close – Benzi Why You Lying Edit

Nicholas Fraser’s hilarious remix of Next’s 1998 R&B hit “Too Close” has become a viral sensation. Originally posted on Instagram, a Vine of the video has since been looped over 32 million times and remixed in different languages. Thankfully, Benzi from TWRK has released a club-friendly edit for all the DJs.
Download: Next – Too Close – Benzi Why You Lying Edit
2. Rodrigo Amarante – Tuyo

Netflix’s new Narcos series is one of the most talked about shows right now. Its theme song, “Tuyo,” was written specifically for the series and is currently number eight on Billboard’s Latin Digital Songs chart and five on Shazam’s Future Hits chart.
Download: Rodrigo Amarante – Tuyo
3. Slim Jesus – Drill Time

18-year-old Ohio rapper Slim Jesus is arguably the most viral artist of the moment. His controversial “Drill Time” video, which dropped in August, has already amassed over four million views. It’s rumored that Diddy offered him $1 million to sign with Bad Boy Records last week, but the mogul’s tweet has either been removed or never existed in the first place. Despite all the hype, Slim has received backlash (and some funny memes).
Download: Slim Jesus – Drill Time
4. Tokyo Vanity – That’s My Best Friend

Louisiana rapper Tokyo Vanity has flipped her Vine hit “Best Friend” into a popular song and video. It even caught the attention of Young Thug, who’s music director offered Vanity a role in the video for his song of the same title. Vanity isn’t having it, though, and threatened to sue Thugga on Instagram yesterday.
Download: Tokyo Vanity – That’s My Best Friend
5. iHeart Memphis – Hit The Quan

“Hit The Quan” was originally a viral dance inspired by the move that Rich Homie Quan did in his “Flex (Ooh, Ooh, Ooh)” video. In response, Memphis rapper iHeart Memphis released a song that detailed how to do it. The song has received support from superstars like Chris Brown, who ripped his pants while attempting to perform the dance at a recent concert.
Download: iHeart Memphis – Hit The Quan
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