Customizing and Upgrading Technics SL-1200 Turntables

Though discontinued five years ago, many DJs will use the Technics SL-1200MK2 turntable for years to come. However, in addition to maintenance, some folks will want to customize and upgrade their decks. In this week’s episode of Tips & Tricks, Mojaxx looks at some of the most popular options, from straight tonearms to custom paint jobs.
The websites mentioned in this video are 1200plates, DJ Henray Customs, DJ’s Dream Customs, and Isonoe.
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Panasonic Announces New Technics Turntable

Technics turntable
A prototype of Panasonic’s upcoming Technics turntable. (Technics)
Panasonic revealed today that they are reviving the Technics turntable, Wired UK reports.
The announcement was made at the annual IFA trade show in Berlin where the company presented a prototype of a new direct-drive turntable.
According to Wired, the turntable will be designed with the SL-1200 and the SP10 in mind and be made from stark aluminium.
The Technics SL-1200 line was discontinued in 2010 even though it has been an industry standard for years. Many DJs still use them, and companies like Pioneer and Reloop have made models inspired by the SL’s legendary design and durability (the PLX-1000 and RP-8000, respectively).
“Turntables are a very iconic product for the Technics brand,” Michiko Ogawa, director of Technics and executive officer at Panasonic, told Wired. “It is important to show our sincere dedication [to that]. The turntable market is very small but it is a very important brand product.”
Details regarding the price and release date have yet to be released.

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Panasonic Revives Technics Brand: Could the 1200 Return?

Technics SL-1200
Panasonic announced on Wednesday that it’s reviving its brand of Technics audio products.
Reuters reports that the Japanese company “showed off new speaker systems and amplifiers, controllers and even CD players at the IFA consumer electronics fair in Berlin, marking the first products to be released under the Technics brand besides headphones since 2010.”
Before 1200 fans get too excited, it must be noted that Panasonic’s plans do not include their highly-coveted SL-1200 turntable, which was discontinued four years ago.
We can’t help but wonder if there’s still a chance of it happening, though. Resurrecting the brand is a step in the right direction and Panasonic hasn’t ruled out the possibility (their European chief executive Laurent Abadie declined to comment when asked).
According Abadie, the company’s decision to bring back its Technics brand is a response to a new generation of digital audio files coming soon which he says “are almost the same as analog in terms of quality.”
Demand for the discontinued 1200 turntable, which was an industry standard for decades, has soared in recent years. Earlier this year, both Reloop and Pioneer unveiled their own turntables that are designed to compete with the 1200.
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