69Beats Launches New DJ Tutorial Series

69Beats at Suzet Music Club in Poland. (Photo source: Suzet Music Club)

69Beats, the 2016 Red Bull 3Style Poland Champion, has started a new tutorial series called Button Pushing for DJs.

The lessons help DJs of all types learn advanced techniques like tone play, finger drumming, and pitch playing, and integrate them into their party sets.

69Beats is known for his creative and well-executed routines, and more recently for tutorials. He was featured on DJcityTV’s Bedroom Sessions and Tone Play series in 2016 and 2017, respectively.

“[The techniques] help you make your set more entertaining and add a whole new vibe to the tracks you play,” the 28-year-old DJ says in the first episode. “And they can help you get out of some trouble if something unwanted happens. And the best thing about them, in my opinion, is that they really help you get the attention of the crowd.”

The first episode takes a look at basic finger drumming patterns. He encourages DJs to follow along using his tutorials on the educational software, Melodics.

Watch the video below.

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