Optical Disco Release ‘Stay The Night’ on DJcity Records

Optical Disco Release 'Stay The Night' on DJcity Records

Australia’s Optical Disco returns with a mesmerizing disco-themed rendition of Zedd’s EDM classic on DJcity Records. “Stay The Night” is the first of four tracks to be featured on DJcity’s annual compilation EP, “Studio 24.”

“This track was the result of a personal challenge,” Optical Disco shares. “I wanted to see if I could create a transcendent disco track using only stock Ableton plugins that exude both energy and nostalgia. With shimmering arpeggios, soulful pianos, lush strings, and angelic vocals, I believe ‘Stay the Night’ showcases the boundless creativity that arises when limitations are embraced.”

Download “Stay The Night” on DJcity and listen to it on all streaming platforms here.

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